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uka Kompetisi Data dan Aplikasi: kasus NYC BigApp 3.0

The view toward crowds and their involvement in society has replaced by way of time. They have been first viewed as irrational protest teams watching to create riots. Later the crowds have been viewed as rational protesters hard these in powers. Now they're viewed as resolution service to issues (Wexler 2011).

The personal sector has actively used the gang for its merit in huge industries akin to safety program program (Franke & von Hippel 2003), laptop video games (Prugl & Schreier 2006; Jeppesen & Molin 2003), integrated circuits (von Hippel 1998), athletic sneakers (Piller & Walcher, 2006) and construction amongst many diversified industries (von Hippel 2005).

Even although the utilization of crowds for issue fixing will be traced again to many years or centuries (Quill 1963; Wexler 2011), it's been with the Web 2.0 that it has increase into a well-known methodology for these in search of manner to problems. The collaborative sides of Web 2.0 a…